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Tattoo Removal for Shattering ink

  • Dual wavelength technology
  • Uses Q-switching to remove tattoos safely and without scarring
  • Removes 95% of tattoos across wide spectrum of ink colours
  • Suitable for skin types 1-5
  • Can treat most areas of the body
  • Precision application due to adjustable spot size
  • Results visible after just one treatment and will improve throughout course duration
  • Benign pigmented lesion removal
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Carbon facials
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Questions & Answers on Tattoo Removal

What would I experience during treatment?
During treatment, you may experience a warm sensation of a slight heat under the skin, in addition, you may feel slight discomfort during the treatment application. The probe used to treat that area, will be held on a small area of the skin, whilst the laser works to remove the tattoo, and then it will be moved to the next area and so on. Whilst the area is been treated, you may also hear a minor popping noise. You will notice the treated area turning white in colour, this is the result of the skin reacted to the heat from the laser, however, this will reduce in appearance up to 24 hours post treatment.

Who is a good candidate for the 3D-Nanosure treatment?
3D-Nanosure removes 95% of tattoos, across a wide spectrum of ink colours.  It is the ideal treatment for any candidate looking to remove any unwanted tattoo using the laser results driven Q-switch technology at an affordable price.

What areas can be treated?
This treatment can target many areas externally on the body where there is an unwanted tattoo. Many different sizes of tattoo can be treated to target a wide spectrum of ink colours.

How many treatments are required?
Typically 3 to 5 sessions are recommended to achieve desired results.

What results can be expected?

By using Q-Switch  technology, this shatters the inkink into small particles, which the body then breaks down and takes it through the lymphatic system.  As a result, the tattoo fades and you are left with no scarring and minimal downtime.

Is there any downtime or after-care required?

Initially following treatment, the area will swell slightly, a white dots will appear on the area treated. This is a result of the skin reacted to the heat, however this will reduce within 24 hours post treatment. You may also experience some slight redness of the skin.

After-care advice will be provided following your treatment, typically, we advise to keep the area dry and covered for three days post treatment, in addition to applying 3D-professional solutions youth serum which is fantastic for aiding the healing process. This is to be applied as directed by your professional.

Skin Rejuvenation

  • Used to treat dryness, rough texture and dullness
  • Can be performed as a one-off treatment or used monthly
  • Can be used to treat the face, neck and decollete
  • Suitable for skin types 1-5
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Benign Pigmented Lesion Removal

  • Suitable for removing moles, age spots and sun damage
  • Precision application due to adjustable spot size
  • Treat for a maximum of 3 monthly sessions
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Carbon Facial

  • Removes dead skin cells, blackheads and oil
  • Instant brightening effect
  • Reduces pore size
  • Suitable for most skin types
  • Can be performed monthly or as a one off treatment
  • Can be used to treat the face, neck and decollete
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