Semi Permanent Make Up

We would all like to get up in the morning feeling that little bit better.  Shading and blending your Lips, Brows and Eyelash Enhancement with the implementation of colour round your vermillion boarder and the body of your lips or over your brows and lashline. You choose your natural colour leaving you with fullness which levels up your natural lip colour or brows and you choose the shade you desire as light or as dark as you require.



Lip Blush (machine) – Shading and blending your lips with the implementation of colour round your vermillion boarder and the body of your lips. You choose your natural colour leaving you with fullness which levels up your natural lip colour or you choose the shade you desire.


Lash Enhancement (micro-pigmentation)  – The treatment is a NO MACHINE micro-pigmentation treatment that creates the illusion of thicker darker lashes and makes eyes look brighter and bigger.  Due to the very gentle technique you should expect minimal swelling for usually one day and this is the least sensitive one during treatment than the lips or brows so basically doesn’t hurt at all.  This is not Eyeliner it is Eyelash Enhancement which opens your eyes so your eyes look open, your lashes look longer and amazing when you put mascara on.


Powdered Brows (with machine) – A fully covered brow with no hairstrokes,  fills the brows with a dot shading effect resulting in a daily makeup look done with an eyebrow pencil, powder or pomade. … The great thing is that ombré brows/powder brows are suitable for most skin types and will save you lots of time in the morning with your get up and go brows. Perfect for those clients who want a makeup look and don’t want to draw their brows on every day. Can be as bold or as subtle as you like and we have lots of colours to choose from.  This is a very natural look.


Combination Brows (with machine and blade)
Hairstroke brows with added machine shading for a little extra fullness if you are wanting a fuller more of a “makeup look” then a combination brow is what you are looking for.  Two techniques are used, Hair strokes with a nanoblade or machine and shading/powdering with a machine.  You don’t need to add make up to these brows just get up and go.

The semi permanent colour will fade over the years so a top up is recommended every 12-18 months for your brows and lashline to keep the colour looking fresh, however, depending on your lifestyle choices, the type of your skin and if you don’t follow the aftercare this could be less.  Lip Blush tends to last 2-3 year and again it depends how on you follow the aftercare and your lifestyle choices.


Am I suitable?  Most people are suitable for semi permanent make-up, however, most people are not always suitable for microblading or Nanoblading as further down the line they can go different colours like pink, red, green, grey etc and end up a block of colour anyway so we have now stopped doing Microblading and gone with new research and invested into the more natural look of powdering.  During a one to one consultation, Claire will discuss your expectations, and will recommend the treatment she believes will achieve the look you are trying to create.

Will it hurt?   We use state of the art equipment that is designed with the customer in mind. It is no more painful than having your eyebrows tweezed.

What are the benefits?  Permanent make-up will save you valuable time every morning. Each procedure will enhance your natural features so you can have a perfectly defined pout or having a lipstick colour that won’t fade or smudge no matter how many cocktails you sip.  Especially great on holiday when you get out the pool and not having to put any make up on.

What will powdered brows give me?  Beautifully  shaped brows, which give an age defying lift and perfectly made up eyes from dusk till dawn, giving a wide eyed look just as beautiful as nature intended it. Working together we can find a look to suit you.

What is lip blush?  From natural and understated to the obvious and lips to minimise the appearance of fine lines and give you a fresh and youthful look and fill in the missing colour you loose as you age so your lips will look as full as when you were younger, bringing back your youthful looking lips.

What is the difference between micoblading/nanoblading and machine brows? While Microblading/Nanoblading is a popular method for the brows, Machine Brows is completely different as it is a manual method which cuts the skin with a bladed tool.  Machine brows are down with a machine and tiny needles.

How much does it cost?  Compared to other cosmetic treatments that are available today, permanent make-up is a comparatively lower cost option. Like anything, the higher end of the market will always deliver the quality results people desire. For this reason, when considering a permanent cosmetic procedure, your decision should not be on price alone, rather than quality of service.

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Lip Blush Aftercare





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Service Price
Consultation for any semi permanent make up treatment £15
Laser Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Session £30
Powdered Brows 1st Appointment £150
Powdered Brows 2nd Appointment (up to 8 weeks later) £100
Combination Brows 1st Appointment £180
Combination Brows 2nd Appointment (up to 8 weeks later) £100
Brow Top up (before 6 months) £100
Brow Top up (before 6 months) (7-11 months) £120
Brow Top up (before 6 months) (12-17 months) £160
Brow Top up (before 6 months) (18+ months) £180
Lip Blush £195
Lip Blush Top (up 12 weeks later) £100
Lash Enhancement (Top or bottom only) £150
Lash Enhancement (Top and bottom) £200
Lash Enhancement Top up (tops or bottoms up to 8 weeks later) £100
Lash Enhancement Top up (tops and bottoms up to 8 weeks later) £100

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