Lip Filler Treatments

At Pretty Face Aesthetics Claire takes the utmost care when treating the lips and takes all factors into account to enhance each individual aspect of the lips some of which are described below.

LIP BOARDER  – If your lips are not as defined as they used to be, vermillion border line injections can be used to enhance the definition and outline of your lips. This treatment is also ideal for anyone who is developing lip/smokers lines.  Lip lines develop as volume is lost in our lips and in the tissues around our lips which can cause lipstick to bleed and can change the shape of the lips, ageing the entire face and can even cause further creasing and loss of volume around the lips.  They are the vertical lines (and sometimes horizontal lines) that develop above the upper lip. These lines can be corrected or improved with this treatment and replace the volume loss that has caused the skin to collapse and crease in these areas.  Providing structure back to this area will not only smooth the skin and remove the lines but will improve the definition around the lips.


LIP BODY –  If you are already happy with the shape of your lips and just want to add volume to your lips this can be done for you.  Lip body treatment can be used for a subtle enhancement or a noticeable change. You can have 0.5ml or 1.0ml depending on the size of your lips which can be discussed on the day of your treatment. If you just want a subtle enhancement it will simply make your lips feel and look healthier and more hydrated.  If however you want a noticeable change in volume this can also be done with Lip Filler and you can also return several weeks later to add even further volume. The placement of filler is positioned accurately and carefully to maintain the natural feel and movement of your lips. This technique ensures a beautiful natural appearance of your new enhanced lips.


CUPIDS BOW – The Cupid Bow is the V-shape in the centre of the upper lip that forms the 2 peaks and bow shaped upper lip.  This treatment can be used to enhance the Cupid Bow to create more curvature and shape and contour the upper lip rather then a flat lip shape.  You can enhance your Cupid’s Bow which may require the additional support of the Philtrum Column filler treatment which are the raised vertical columns that extend from the peaks of the upper lip to the nose.  Some people have very well-defined natural Philtrum columns and others have an entirely flat area above the lip with no column shape. If you would like to enhance the shape of your Philtrum Columns this treatment is for you.  If you feel the border of your upper lip is too flat and you would like to enhance the Cupid Bow appearance further this treatment will help support the Cupid Bow enhancement and add further curvature of the upper lip.




 Q) What is Dermal Filler?
A) Filler is a collection of multiple hyaluronic acid product fillers. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in your body. Different products can add volume, lift, and sculpt different areas of the face depending on your desired outcome. It also smooths lines, fills and plumps lips!

Q) Are Lip Injections Painful?
A) Numbing cream is applied before the treatment to ease any pain. Most people find the treatment painless, comfortable and tolerable.

Q) Are Lip Injections safe?
A) Juvederm and the variety of fillers we use at the Pretty Face Aesthetics are FDA approved for safety and efficiency and can be dissolved.

Q) Is there any downtime?
A) Most lip injections do require a little bit of downtime due to possible swelling and bruising. Depending on area and availability to cover with makeup. Downtime can be anywhere from 24 hours to a few days.

Q) What are the results?
A) Results are subtle, natural and long-lasting. Lip injections can smooth lines, produce a pouty look, shape and plump lips. Correct, fill and define your lips to enhance your own natural looks and beauty.
Come in for a free consultation today and we will provide you with an artful natural, tailored and educated approach to enhance your lips and volumize with natural results.

1ml Revolax Lip Filler £150
1ml Princess Filler (Now Saypha) £175
0.5ml Juvederm £150
1ml Juvederm Lip Filler £200
Marionette Lines (smile lines) £150
Nasal Lines (mouth to nose lines) £150
1ml Smokers Lines £150
1ml Mona Lisa £130
If you prefer to use any other Filler then this can be ordered on request.

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