Facial Fillers


TEAR TROUGH –  is perfect for those with tired looking eyes, dark circles, hollows or deep grooves below your eyes. This treatment also helps support the delicate skin below the eyes.


CHEEK AUGMENTATION  is a highly effective treatment not only to enhance the cheek bones but also to lift the skin and reduce facial lines and sagging. If you want higher cheek bone or better definition of you face, this treatment can create amazing results.  Or if you just want you face tightening this can be done. Cheek augmentation can be used to simply lift the skin and reduce the heaviness that develops around the mouth and cheeks. It is also a perfect way to reduce smile lines and to stop them from getting worse. This is also good to help reduce a tired facial appearance and to reduce a dark or hollow under eyes.


FOREHEAD FILLER – is a great way to improve stubborn lines and creases.


NASOLABIAL SMILE LINES – Lines from the corner of the nose almost to the corner of the mouth. These lines are most severe on smiling but when they begin to be visible at rest it is a good time to start addressing them.


MARIONETTE LINES – extend from the corners of the mouth downwards and can contribute to a downward smile giving a saddened appearance. These lines can also occasionally be so deep that the corners of the mouth get sore all the time from saliva collecting there. Strengthening of the marionette lines with dermal filler provides better shape and support of the lips and also the lower face.


CHIN FILLER-  treatments are used to treat a variety of issues around the chin area. If you feel your chin is too pointy or even too pronounced we can help to recontour the areas around the chin and create a chin that is more harmonious with the face and less obtrusive. If you feel your chin is set back and your profile could do with improving then we can bring your chin forward to create the ideal facial profile. If your face is too round or your lower face is too short we can create a longer more youthful face for you. If you don’t like your chin dimples and creases we can erase them for you. If the skin texture over your chin is not as supple and smooth as it used to be, the chin filler treatments can also help to resolve these issues.


JAW LINE AUGMENTATION – is a great treatment to define the jaw line.  For woman it is great to create a more uplifting jaw and better defined jaws reducing saggy skin. For men, jaw augmentation can be used to reduce saggy skin or if required to create a more masculine jaw.




What are dermal fillers?
Fillers are injectable products that depending on the area you want treated can be used to correct, plump, lift, fill or sculpt.

Q) What is the difference between a ‘Filler’, and ‘Anti-Wrinkle Injections’?
A) Anti-Wrinkle Injections does not plump up facial lines or creases like a filler. Fillers help to fill in the valleys that cause larger lines or creases. Instead, Anti-Wrinkle Injections temporarily paralyses muscle movement to soften or freeze the action of muscles that create these unwanted creases and wrinkles.

What is Filler?  Filler is a collection of multiple hyaluronic acid product.  Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in your body.  Different Fillers can add volume, lift, and sculpt different areas of the face depending on your desired outcome. It also smooths lines, fills and plumps lips!

What do fillers help with?
Depending on the area, fillers are a great way to enhance your face without going under the knife. They help with:
Age-related volume loss
Fine lines
Sunken areas and Contouring your face

Are facial injections painful?
Numbing cream is applied before the treatment to ease any pain. Most people find the treatment painless, comfortable and tolerable.

Is there any downtime?
Most dermal fillers do require a little bit of downtime due to possible swelling and bruising. Depending on area and availability to cover with makeup. Downtime can be anywhere from 24 hours to a few days, however, when you have to Cannula there isn’t really much downtime or hardly any bruising.

What are the results?
Results are subtle, natural and long-lasting. Dermal Fillers lift smooth lines. Correct, fill and define your appearance to enhance your own natural looks.


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Facial fillers Prices

Nasolabial Lines (nose to mouth lines) £150
Marionette Lines £150
1ml Cheek Enhancement £150
2ml Cheek Enhancement £250
Tear Troughs (dark circles under eyes) £200
Perioral Lines (lipstick lines) £150
Glabellar Lines (frown) £150
Chin Augmentation £150
Jawline Definition 2ml £250
Jawline Definition 4ml £450
Forehead Filler £150
£10 extra for Cannula

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