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Brow Magnate™️ are market leaders for professional eye brow treatments across the UK and Ireland, being the first to introduce Henna Brows to the UK beauty industry in 2016.  Thy are the leading experts in Henna Brow manufacturing which is a semi-permanent treatment that stains both the eyebrow hairs and skin.   The treatment takes 5 to 20 minutes to develop, is completely safe and can last up to 6 weeks on the brow hair and 2 weeks on the skin depending on aftercare.

Brow Magnate™️ Exclusive brow henna is a unique henna eyebrow tint product, based on the purest and finest henna from India and the latest techniques in hair colouring. Brow Magnate™️ Henna is 90% natural henna and vegan.

Treatment includes:

  • brows shampooed
  • brows exfoliated
  • alcohol wiped
  • brows mapped and drawn out
  • henna application
  • brows reshaped
  • wonder oil aftercare applied


  • golden brown
  • medium brown
  • chocolate brown
  • dark brown
  • black

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LVL Lashes is a great treatment for you own natural lashes.  With this revolutionary Lash Lift treatment will deliver you fully loaded eyelashes that stay nice for up to 8 weeks.  The use of an eyelash curling tongs becomes superfluous which can damage your lashes.  Lash lifting is the latest technique in the beauty industry and can be applied to all lashes.

This unique treatment with silicone shields is suitable for every eyelash type and for both short and long lashes, (patch test required which you can book online).

Patch tests for Henna Brow, LVL Lashes or any colouring treatment.  You can book your patch test online 24-48 hours prior to you treatment, if you ever have had a reaction please book at least 7 days prior to your treatment.

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We use HD Brow colour for our colouring of brows as this lasts longer than most tints.

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Brows & Lashes Prices

Service Price
Henna Brows £25
Eyebrows coloured & reshaped £20
Eyebrows reshaped £12
Eyebrows coloured £9
LVL Lash lift and eyelashes coloured £40
LVL Lashes & gel toes £55 (saving £10)
LVL Lashes & gel removal and gel toes £60 (saving £10)
Eyelashes coloured £15

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